Saint Francis Dam Fundraiser
The St. Francis Dam broke on March 12, 1928 sending a huge wall of water from Santa Clarita to Ventura, killing people and animals, devastating agricultural land, homes and businesses in it’s path. Four hundred and thirty one people were killed in that flood. Few escaped. One hundred and fifty one people who were identified and buried, do not have headstones.

Our Goal: Is to purchase and install headstones on each of these graves. The cost is around $250 per head stone, which includes installation. We need to raise the money for this project, and we need your help. Any donation, no matter how small will be helpful.

Donations: Please donate through Paypal or send a check to Community Hiking Club, 24820 Fourl Road, Newhall, CA 91321. You will get a tax-deduction letter so that you can take your donation off of your taxes. (Please include your email, your physical address, full name for the tax donation letter)

By March 2018: Our goal is to have all of these graves marked by March 2018, the 90th year anniversary of this disaster.

St. Francis Dam