Deer Ticks

We’re expecting rain next week. And, while we welcome rain, so do the ticks. They are buried right now, but with the first sign of rain, they emerge and climb up onto the chaparral along the trail just waiting for a deer (or you) to walk by. So, be on the lookout for ticks on your skin after a hike. Always do a tick check…If they are removed within 24 hours, you’re usually safe.

NOTE: Make sure you check your pets if you take them in the field with you.

AID: You should remove ticks with (preferably – a tick spoon). If you use tweezers, etc., the tick will vomit while still attached, and if that tick has Lyme disease (or any other diseases that they carry) you can get it. It is important to remove the tick in one piece. Then dab some hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on it and apply triple antibiotic ointment.

What Deer Ticks look like.










Embedded tick.










This is what you might expect to
see if the tick has transmitted
Lyme Disease to you.







What an engorged tick
looks like.